Identifying Materials Innovations to Support Manufacturing

The gamechangers workshop “” was held on October 12 in Pittsburgh. This MForesight workshop, convened in collaboration with the Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS), was focused on forecasting and harnessing major materials science and engineering (MS&E) innovations that will unlock new opportunities for the next wave of manufacturing.

Dr. Luana Iorio, General Manager of Materials & Process Engineering from GE Aviation provided a thought-provoking plenary talk which set the groundwork for the rest of the workshop. Throughout the day, expert attendees shared their ideas and discussed the current state of materials innovations, leading to the following list of top priorities:

  • Modeling to accelerate materials and process development
  • Next-generation conductive materials
  • Smart manufacturing/digital thread of materials
  • Joining of dissimilar materials
  • Reinventing Qualification
  • Nondestructive evaluation
  • Smart materials

A final report from the workshop will be released in 2018. Thank you to all participants for their active contributions during the workshop!

A “think-and-do” tank focused on the future of American manufacturing

A “think-and-do” tank focused on the future of American manufacturing