Nondestructive Evaluation for Next-Generation Manufacturing: Experts Working Together

Event Recap

3 min readNov 26, 2018


Experts discussing challenges with NDE

Nondestructive Evaluation (or NDE) is a set of processes and tools to evaluate parts and manufacturing processes without causing damage. NDE is becoming increasingly important as a result of emerging technologies and operational requirements. The advent of composites as structural and mechanical components in many manufactured goods and the complex geometries of goods produced by additive manufacturing necessitates the need for new evaluation technologies. MForesight held a workshop on November 13 in Washington, DC to discuss the challenges and opportunities for next-generation NDE in U.S. manufacturing.

MForesight’s workshop brought together 30 experts from industry, government, federal labs, and academia to brainstorm challenges, talk about what opportunities the U.S. could grasp if they were addressed, and generate recommendations for overcoming the key barriers.

Keynote Speaker Gary Georgeson delivering a presentation to begin the workshop

After introductions, Gary Georgeson, Senior Technical Fellow in NDE at The Boeing Company, began the day by delivering a keynote address in which he addressed current and future challenges and opportunities with NDE.

Experts then moved into breakout groups to identify cross-cutting barriers across the following focus areas: Sensors & Tools; Data Analysis & Fusion; Throughput, Reliability, and Automation; Manufacturing Integration; Additive Manufacturing; Composites; Ceramics and Metals; and Material Properties.

Experts deliberating on the most important challenges of their breakout session

Key challenges identified included:

  • Multimodal NDE data fusion (3D to 3D)
  • NDE in extreme manufacturing environments
  • Integration of design, manufacturing, and NDE, across engineering
  • Reliable NDE of interfaces
  • Physical/process automation with robotics
  • NDE of large complex parts including internal structures
  • Controllable, realistic benchmarks and standards for NDE, including
    for novel NDE techniques
  • Automatic defect recognition and characterization

The afternoon was then spent brainstorming and developing solutions and actionable recommendations to these challenge areas. The outcomes of this work will be summarized in a report and delivered to key stakeholders under the guidance of the following NDE Workshop Steering Committee:

  • Dr. Gary Georgeson (Keynote), The Boeing Company
  • Dr. Leonard Bond, Iowa State University
  • Dr. Waled Hassan, Rolls-Royce Corporation
  • Mrs. Shana Telesz, Baker Hughes
  • Mr. Paul Zombo P.E., Siemens Energy Inc.

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Thank you to all the attendees who took the time to share their insights and ideas for how we can push forward NDE technologies in the United States.

Experts discussing potential solutions to the challenges they identified




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