Hillary Clinton was Wrong about the Basket of Deplorables.
Nick Mancuso

Hilary is a “white corporate & academic feminist”. Her anti-gay stance lasted too long before she finally reversed it. Trump calling women he dislikes is rude and doesn’t make him a misogynist. His name calling is completely diverse. He has been pro-gay since the 1990's. He hires women & minorities. His father didn’t rent to blacks and that is well known by the federal lawsuit and publicity years ago. The Clintons are not the black community’s allies. Hillary is destroying America’s barely existing race relations with identity politics (which until recently liberals found abhorrent.) She is also an agitator & propagandist. Hillary and the neoconservative hawks are war mongers.

Finally the whole bizarre fear of internet trolls and Pepe memes with Pepe warnings on her campaign website is insanity! Pepe has been a nazi frog and thousands of other things. He hasn’t been a nazi frog in anything Trump tweets/retweets so far.

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