Investing in people, not resource

Any consultant will tell you, the job can take you to (weird and) wonderful places.

In 2017 alone, our teams have worked in Phoenix, Hong Kong, Calgary, Amsterdam and São Paulo.

For many who get into consulting, immersing yourself in a spread of cultures and climates is a perk of the job. That doesn’t, however, make it easy.

Long periods away from home, loved ones and every day comforts can take it’s toll. After all, a hotel room is a hotel room whether you’re in Singapore or Sheffield.

Market Gravity has a knack for hiring inquisitive and social people. This is something we actively encourage and try to support in every way we can on projects.

Our latest experiment is the ‘Happiness Kitty’. It’s aim is to reduce the burden of long travel and help support strong relationships by financially supporting individuals to engage (individually of collectively) in local activity during their projects.

The premise is simple: for any engagement over 2 weeks, each person on that team is gifted £30, (USD$40, CAD$50), every 2 weeks, for the duration of the project. This can be spent on anything the team member likes. All that is required is that they share some photos with the rest of the team.

A few things our teams have used the Happiness Kitty for:

Horse riding in the Tuson desert
Cubs vs. Giants
New York Rangers vs. Edmonton Oilers at Madison Square Gardens
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