Body…and face

I take a lot of pictures of myself that are not safe for general viewing. I justify them as a record of the exploration of myself and my limits, but I am very aware that that is largely bullshite. The attention they garner is what I’m after. One of my addictive forms of escapism to avoid the stuff I want/need to avoid.

A few weeks ago I needed a full length, fully clothed portrait of myself in order to apply for something. I must have wanted that something badly at the time to talk I myself into what I knew would be pure torture.

There is nowhere to hide in a clothed portrait because the focus is on your face.

I am the only one who takes photos of me. I’ve come to grips with face pics to a certain extent (mostly for online profile pics). That is hard enough but when your face is attached to your body it is terrifying.

I know I took more than two hundred with several outfits to get a few I could live with.