Emily Friedel, I have been rooting for you even though I haven’t had time until now to give you my hard-boiled? motherhood wisdom.

  • Sanity (by whatever method) is key. For me with my 3rd (12yrs after my other children, so like an only child, but hey, I was going to enjoy this one), I made her fit into my life rather than vice-versa. Which meant (OMG!!!) she slept in my bed & fed whenever the hell she wanted to. Which meant I could sleep, and stay sane. My female Chinese GP was horrified and warned me that she would never leave my bed. She did, of her own accord, about age 4.
  • You are not just parents until they leave home (if you’re lucky at 18). As they get bigger, you get more sleep, but the problems, they just get bigger and more complicated and more expensive. Enjoy the comparative simplicity while you can.
  • This too will pass. My adult children were 21 months apart. There were many, many days that devolved into a crying fit once my husband got home. I woke up one morning when my 2nd, my daughter, was 6 months old and felt as though I’d been kidnapped by aliens. At which point I decided I needed to get myself out of those 4 walls. I became an accountant FFS!! I still blame them.
  • Just when you think you are through the worst of parenting, you realise you’ve become a parent to your parents.
  • I’m now watching my daughter, who is nearly into the middle of the her own parent tunnel (where you simply can’t see any light at the end). Trust me. It is there. You will get there, eventually.

Much love, Michelle.

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