For two years I worked at a media outlet. All at once our small office of TV’s, computers, and radios turned to Donald Trump. It was unlike anything we had seen before. A new emergence of entertainment and politics, bread and circus reaching heights never imagined possible, and we couldn’t look away. It was also only the beginning. A stunning victory they called it. The show was a hit and we are now admits and ever stranger reality. One in which there is no truth, no up and down, one conducive to allow Donald Trump to be the President of the United States.

As such, the former reality show host has torn apart friendships and marriages. Perhaps he new as much when he called for unity in the first note of his victory speech. Alas, nothing of the sort of has come to light.

Comparisons to Hitler are all but tradition with each US president and Trump is no exception. This time around however, the similarities are a little more striking. Like the Führer, Trump, whether you chose to believe it or not, is charismatic. He rose to political prominence during an economic downturn, and has equally bad hair. A viral Facebook post draws more comparisons: “Go ahead, vote for the guy with the loud voice who hates minorities, threatens to imprison his opponents, doesn’t give a f — — about democracy, and claims he alone can fix everything. What could possibly go wrong? Good luck.”

Those on the right, alt-right, or which ever faction you want to credit for his victory, welcome the second coming, and the equal an opposite reaction to the self-righteous culture that’s been plaguing the west for sometime. The one that lead Meryl Streep to believe that we care what she thinks. The same one that demands more pronouns and safe spaces. The one that breads University students who are perpetually offend by anything and everything. The pendulum has swung in the opposite direction: Grab em’ by the pussy, we know they all did, now what.

Perhaps the one legitimate qualification we can credit Trump’s victory to is his business acumen and the hope that he is qualified to turn the economy around: That is the random and infinite thing which modern life depends. The commodity that keeps the new reality together is confidence, and as it stands enough Americans like Trump’s.

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