Deputy Lone Reigns Judgement upon Jacksonville and Denim’s O-Line Response

Last season season MHU experienced two rules issues that we had to nip in the butt. One, the pre-snap gate. Two, the LB-Sub gate. Things were clear there would be no toleration of these matters going forward.

Well there’s a sheriff deputy in town. The sheriff deputy watches everything. If you try and open one of these gates, he’s gonna getcha and he gotcha last night.

Last night the official Deputy Sheriff of MHU, Lone busted Mickey opening the LB-Sub gate.

What I have gathered Mickey not only made an illegal sub at linebacker but took things even further. He subbed a CB in at LB.


Deputy Sheriff Lone bit on like a rabid dog and didn’t let go for anything. A mass investigation followed with the proper authorities and in the end suspensions followed. In the Jaguars next game DJ Hayden will be inactive.

Following the suspension I was able to get in contact with DJ Hayden and what he had to say was not pretty!

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