Fireworks 🎇 Party Night 🎉 Mock Draft, Draft Pre Show, Live Draft Show, Rookie Draft, Interviews, more content than you can handle! 💥

We busting out the fireworks tonight my fellow Madden Heads! This 24th day in the tenth month, 2018 years after the birth of Christ (give or take a few) we Madden Heads that have United together under one banner party! 💥

In all seriousness we have a full plate tonight and it’s going to be a blast! Here’s what the schedule will look like as far as in games advances go.

-9:30 am EST advance to FA period III.

-8 pm EST start of Rookie Draft.

For those who have not been apart of our rookie drafts before, we draft rounds 1–5 and Sim the last 2.

Our schedule is much fuller than these two advances though. We have two shows on the table today.

Draft Pre-Show

Before the start of the draft there will be a pre-show featuring Hotep and Canes. The actual time this is starting to my knowledge hasn’t been advanced. When it is announced a tag will be put out.

Live Draft Show

During the Draft itself Cane will be running a live show. From what I hear multiple people will be joining him periodically through the night. If your interested in being apart hit Cane up. I’m sure he won’t mind 😉

Mock Draft

Someone who I believe will be joining cane at some point will be Taken. We have a new article up featuring a piece he wrote. The piece is a full first round mock draft. Apparently Taken runs some shady draft site called

Check the Mock out! >>> (Click Here)


We have three owners who inherited their teams either at the end of last season or during the offseason. I was able to flesh out an interview with each of them during the offseason. Check em out!

(Jets Interview)

(Redskins Interview)

(Seahawks Interview)

Trade Grades?

It was first reported there would be a video covering trades yesterday. I apologize but due to technical issues we couldn’t get it published. We will make it up to you. No worries 😉

Good Luck to everyone tonight! If you have questions hit up an admin! A lot is going on!