State of the Union, Cousin Vinny, Mickey’s Oline Response & Beyond the Whistle

State of the Union

For the first time ever, this Sunday on MaddenCast the entire MHU Admin Team will be live together all on the same show! You don’t want to miss this! I have a feeling things will derail fast. Screw Vols outline!

Cousin Vinny

The rumors are true. Bread hasn’t been playing his games. Turns out his cousin has been playing them for him. I had a chance to interview Bread’s Cousin. Check it out for yourself! >>> (Click Here)

Mickeys Oline Discussion Response

Yesterday OMG issued a new discussion challenge. If you missed it go back and check it out. Everyone who makes a response will receive an attribute point. If one third of the non admins make a response there will be a dev upgrade up for grabs. The first response is in and it comes to us from Mickey! Check out his response here! >>> (Click Here)

Beyond the Whistle

Beyond the Whistle is slotted for tonight at 9:30 pm est. However an issue has arose. Unfortunately Ray is no longer in the league. How can you do Ray and Sundance Beyond the Whistle without Ray. The answer, next man up. Tonight Ray and Sundance: Beyond the Whistle will be rebranded as Mex and Sundance: Beyond the Whistle!