Super Saiyan Jaime Winston, the Hot Mess of Week 1 & Power Rankings

Week one of The Second Cycle of Madden Heads United is in the books and it was a crazy week at that. Overall I would say the week was one giant Hot Mess and we will get to that. Before that though, massive news broke. Jaime Winston has officially gone Super Saiyan as seen in the photo above. His trade stock has sky rocketed and Word is the asking price is a Tyreek Hill and multiple first round picks. Speaking of Tyreek Hill, there has yet to be the Hill Trade. Does this mean he’s still up on the block? 🤷‍♂️

The Hot Mess of Week One

Let’s get into this though. Week one was not what I expected. There was an incredible lack of offense.

Titans, Dolphins, Raiders,Cowboys, Panthers and Falcons all failed to even score a single touchdown.

The offensive struggles were not just held by these guys either. I watched the games of several owners who are considered our “Elite” and they were ugly. One guy who is very respected, I watched one half of his game. I will not drop his name but he kept hitting the same spot over and over. He found something that worked and ran with it. Only two of his passes in the half I watched went somewhere other than this one spot of the field.

Additionally I watched another elite owner play and while he put up numbers there was a handful of picks and several passes that should of been picked. Additionally it was imo the madden gods that sealed the fate of his opponent over the elite owner’s defense.

The issues on offense are not a passing issue or a running issue either, but an offensive issue in general.

One user who is a constant playoff team had a total of negative eleven passing yards. Yes I said negative and yes I said passing.

At the time of writing this only one game is left to be played in week one. With the games that are in the books only 6 backs are in pace for 1000 yards and our leading rusher has a total of 80 yards. That could change with the one game yet to be played.

As I looked over everything there were a couple owners who seemed to have a handle on things. One such owner is the new Giants owner. Later this week there will an article with Vols interviewing him but I was blown away with his offensive performance given the struggles in the league. He not only has the leading passer but before his starting running went down in the first half he was on pace to break the 80 yards rushing mark with ease. Due to being blown away I shot a message to him and asked for insight and this is what I got in response.

Power Rankings

Within the next few days our daily media piece will be featuring an interview between Vols and Sundance. I am greatly looking forward to this! Speaking of Vols though, here are some power rankings he threw together in the aftermath of Week one!

New York Giants (1–0) — The Sundance ERA got off on the right foot in week one. Eli(te) Manning leads the league in passing after week one, and the Giants knocked off the Jags 23–17 who have been very successful under Mickey-13. Look forward to the Giants making a push for their division. Very impressive win in week 1.
2. Philadelphia Eagles (1–0) — Amazin started off the season with a convincing win over the falcons 24–2. Yea you read that right TWO! The division should be interesting now that the Giants have a coach! I cant wait to see that showdown! Carson Wentz returned from an acl injury and had a solid performance minus his three INTS.
3. Indianapolis Colts (1–0) — Frank started his season off with a friendly good ole butt whipping on Cinci and his bengals 31–7. Luck returned to football and had a nice start to his comeback season. Can Luck stay healthy? Time will tell and will probably be a factor in how much success Frank has in the AFC south. Good start so far!
4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1–0) — OMG started the season off with a convincing statement win against rival Lone and the Saints 24–16. Rookie Ronald Jones II had a good start to his career with 53 yards on 9 carries. This win helps in a tough division and could jump start this team to a playoff run and a division crown
5. New York Jets (1–0) — J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets! I bet the jets fan base is loving rookie qb Darnold. He had an impressive start to his rookie campaign going 15/22 for 182 1TD 1INT and led his team in rushing for a measly 17 yards. Look for defending Super Bowl champ terrorize to try and repeat this season. Jets defeated the lions 24–12.
6. Washington Redskins (1–0)
7. Green Bay Packers (1–0)
8. Los Angeles Rams (1–0)
9. Houston Texans (1–0)
10. San Francisco 49ers (1–0)
11. Buffalo Bills (1–0)
12. Cleveland Browns (1–0)
13. Denver Broncos (1–0)
14. Pittsburgh Steelers (0–1)
15. New Orleans Saints (0–1)
16. Jacksonville Jaguars (0–1)
17. Chicago Bears (0–1)
18. Minnesota Vikings (0–1)
19. Tennessee Titans (1–0)
20. Dallas Cowboys (1–0)
21. Seattle Seahawks (0–1)
22. Detroit Lions (0–1)
23. Baltimore Ravens (0–1)
24. Cincinnati Bengals (0–1)
25. New England Patriots (0–1)
26. Arizona Cardinals (0–1)
27. Miami Dolphins (0–1)
28. Carolina Panthers (0–1)
29. Atlanta Falcons (0–1)
30. Oakland Raiders (0–1)
31. Kansas City Chiefs (DNP) (1–0)
32. San Diego Chargers (DNP) (0–1)

In closing and in reflecting over week one, as a commish I am proud. Week one was great and the atmosphere of Madden Heads United right now is awesome! This is going to be a good year! If you struggled in week one, keep pressing and keep grinding or you will be like the forgotten original Dolphins Owner!

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