Who is the Best?

At the moment I would say there is a seperation between the top four teams and those below them. The top four are sitting at two losses except the number one team which is at one loss. Asking the question though of who is the best between these four is a hard question with an unlikely answer.


Are the Rams the best? The easy answer is yes. The only one loss team. However a major strike against them is they are without their top talent. Is that a strike or a compliment of true skill?

Colts and Saints?

I’m gonna bunch these two together out of suspicion they may be the same person. Jk jk. These two are neck and neck. They have a recent head to head but I would say anytime they play it is a toss up. Both of these guys have probably had the most hype this season. I don’t know if I want to label either of them the best though. Why? It’s not a strike on them. The truth is I think the best has flown under the radar.


Are the Cowboys the best? They have two losses?


These cowboys have zero losses. TBeasy’s cowboys had two losses. Sweetz Cowboy’s are undefeated.

Is it time to buy into the hype?!?!