Year One Wild Card Round

Year one wild card round review from Madden Heads United, a PS4 Madden 18 CFM

The 11–5 Tennessee Titans visit the 12–4 Baltimore Ravens

The Titan’s get the Force Win

Force wins and sims are never idea. Those who were around the first night of the Wild Card Round know the story though.

This game was actually played up until the third quarter before a DC took place. Prior to the DC VolsTL90 pretty much had this game in the bag.

Then when the DC took place The Ravens owner who is no longer with us first said volsTL90 could get the win. Then after giving the win to VolsTL90 and him parting ways for the night, decides he wanted to play the game still.

No one denied him this but VolsTL90 wasn’t present to give input, which pushed Ravens over the edge and well… idono how to describe what took place. It wasn’t pretty.

There’s more to the story though. This is the same Ravens owner who was previously booted for cheese play. After being booted he practically begged to get back into the league, so we gave him a second chance. This game was his first game back in and if you were watching the game live, it was uncomfortable. I wasn’t actually watching live but I was listening and the entire time I was cringing.

The dude was bitter and angry. When he struggled he ranted about how all of his struggles were from us restricting his play. When VolsTL90 made a play he ranted about double standards and accused VolsTL90 of being a cheesehead. It was rough.

Ultimately VolsTL90 had this one in the bag. Going forward to his opponents, don’t under estimate him. He’s won Super Bowls in other leagues in the past!

The 10–6 Chicago Bears visit the 12–4 San Francisco 49er

The narrative of this NFC Wild Card match is more than just the narrative of the Bears traveling to San Fran. It is the narrative of Father vs Son. Literally! Here’s a picture taken during the game that they shared!

There are some conspiracy theories that have been floating around that Devo isn’t real and OMG just has two accounts. Some would say this picture eliminates that theory.

Does it though?

Iv seen some people play both offense and defensive on YouTube more times than I could recall.

This picture proves NOTHING!

In all seriousness though, this was an intense game won on the defensive side of the ball. The first points on the scoreboard would be a defensive safety that would occur on Devo’s first offensive drive making the score 0–2 49ers.

Following the early safety there would be no more points scored until after the 2 minute warning of the first half. Devo would hit a 31 yard corner route putting him into the red zone. OMG would hold him, only allowing 3.

OMG’s following drive would mimic Devo’s in ways. He would hit a nice 43 yard pass down the side line into good field position. Devo would hold OMG to a FG as the half expired. The score of the first half would be 3–5 with the 49ers on top.

Devo and his Bears would not lay down at the start of the 3rd quarter though. Devo would put together a long methodical drive that would be capped off with a beautiful touchdown to a seam route as OMG sent a heavy zone blitz.

OMG’s drive following the Bears TD would end in a Punt breaking 3 straight drive with points on the board during this defensive duel.

At the start of the 4th quarter the 49er would bench rookie quarterback, C.J. Beathard for veteran Brian Hoyer. Hoyer would come up short though as he would throw a pick his first play in setting the Bears up in their red zone. 49er would then hold the Bears to a FG, however that was the nail in the coffin as the Bears now had a 2 score lead with 4 minutes left in the game.

The 49ers would try and stay alive but in the process Hoyer would throw more picks and the final of this game would be Devo putting OMG’s playoff aspirations in time out for the foreseeable future! Bears 16, 49ers 5!

The 13–3 Kansas City Chiefs visit the 9–7 New England Patriots

In this AFC Wild Card match up BREAD_AND_BUTTER TAKES his 13–3 Chiefs to New England to face Imesishungry’s 9–7 Patriots.

First off, right off the bat, major props to Bread! A wild Card team with a 13–3 record. This sets the bar high for the level of comp in our league.

As for the game itself, Bread had it won from the very first play of the game. Literally! First play of the game, Bread returns the kick off for a TD and as his return man crosses the end zone, he turns back and taunts.

Maybe I’m alone in this but I loath taunting and flipping. When I’m in the game and someone does that to me, immediately the game becomes unfun. That’s Bread though. He’s unfun to play. Go read my preseason power ranking and you will see I listed Bread as number one. In my reasoning I stated he’s the only person Iv ever played that made me feel completely and totally helpless!

Imesishungry though was not totally helpless. He stayed in the game and Bread never ran away with it. The story of this game was a story of defense, field position and opportunities and in those three areas, Bread controlled the narrative.

Following the opening play TD there was no strong offense play until late in the second when Bread put up 3 in the red zone with 40 seconds left in the half following a long drive mainly on the ground.

Imesishungry would respond by driving on those 40 seconds to miss a field goal with a second left in the half.

The first drive of the second half Imesishungry would fumble, giving Bread the ball in good field position. Bread would respond by putting up six and missing the PAT. The rest is history though as Bread would hold on to the lead with the final score being 16–6!

The 12–4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers visit the 9–7 Dallas Cowboys

This NFC Wild Card game would be controlled by Terrorize_v1 and his Buccaneers. The Cowboys would stay in it and keep fighting but the pace was set by the Bucs the entire way through.

Bucs would start by putting together a long drive that would unfortunately end in a Punt. They would pin the Cowboys on their own 6. The Cowboys would press out of the shadow of their own goal post but similar to the Bucs would end up punting.

The game would stay scoreless until the start of the 2nd when the Bucs would strike first, putting up 3.

Cowboys would respond to the 3 with their first mistake. They would give the ball right back to the Bucs by throwing a pic.

Once the Bucs got the ball back they would quickly move past the 50. Once they were past the 50 they would roll out and hit a huge pass moving past the 20. Practically every time the Bucs would roll out, magic would happen, which was often.

The first play past the 20 would see the Bucs put up the first Touchdown of the game. The first touchdown would be a 18 yard run, making the game Bucs 10, Cowboys 0.

Cowboys would try and respond. They would pick up a little bit of steam, only to loose it with a pick. After throwing a pick the Cowboys defense would step up and force a punt.

The Punt return was a thing of…. Beauty? Idono what the correct word is. The Cowboys return man would run in circles. Literally. Kinda?

Finally with a 1:40 left in the first half the Cowboys would get on the scoreboard off the wheels of McFadden. Bucs 10, Cowboys 7 and this would be the score at the half.

The third quarter would remain scoreless. We wouldn’t see any more points until half way through the fourth. The Bucs would pick off the Cowboys off again. They respond and rollout hitting a 60+ yard bomb TD to Mike Evans. The score would become 17–7 Bucs.

The remainder of the 4th wouldn’t be pretty as the Cowboys would try and make something happen. They would throw more picks and the two teams would exchange fumbles. In the process the Bucs would seal the game with a FG and the game would be concluded with the Cowboys kneeling, giving the W to the Bucs with the final being 20–7!

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