Before I bailed from the idea of college
My Shady Life as an Underage Drinker
Nick Tucker

“College” makes this worse. One of the sensible things about the drinking age being 18 or 19 is that everyone gets out of school, and they become adults. Wherever you find yourself next, work, college, university, you are among equals. About the stupidest and most dangerous thing you could do is take a bunch of people and put them with a peer group and tell them half of them are “not quite” adults. And so you have 18–20 year-olds on college campuses surrounded by peers who can drink. How’s that working out? BTW, I’m Canadian, and was introduced to “civilised” drinking, ie occasional wine or spirits, at a young age. I wasn’t allowed more than a sip of wine, but I watched high school friends go through extreme responses to alcohol access because their parents thought 18 was some kind of magic number. Being 18 does not make you a responsible drinker. Being raised in a responsible drinking environment does. I cannot imagine how badly the US age limit exacerbates this foolish, unnecessary problem.