Fitbit or bit fit?

I have to admit it, I’m a fairly early adopter of new technologies and gadgets — not the very first, but early. Some of it works for me, some of it is a bit…. well, early.

I bought my first mobile phone in 1997. It was one of those ones with a flip-out mouthpiece and extendable aerial. I loved it but it gave me headaches and a burning ear when I spoke on it for too long.

I bought a palm pilot. it was great until Blackberry came along and gave me connectivity.

I bought a first generation iPhone — but the software didn’t work. I’d answer a call but no one could hear my voice down the line so I ended up with frustrated friends, colleagues and clients.

I bought a first generation iPad. That one was marvellous and its still working. My eight year old son monopolizes it, but tells me that Minecraft keeps crashing because it can’t upgrade to the latest IOS. Since then I bought a 2 and a mini, but have stopped there because my 6 plus does everything I’d ever need.

I bought a first generation Apple Watch — and gave it to my brother after two months. It just didn’t do enough for me that my phone didn’t- and I still had to carry my phone around with me.

I’ve used uber in Seattle, Cape Town, Detroit, London, New York — but still waiting for it to come to my hometown. I use facebook, linked in, twitter, whatsapp, Skype, medium…

I bought a GoPro. It’s brilliant. I can now bore my family and friends for hours showing the view I have when skiing down a black run.

I’ve just bought a Surface — amazing bit of kit. Now I can get rid of my crappy old laptop.

But the thing that’s changed my life more than anything? My piece of plastic and rubber wearable tech that is the Fitbit. Now I pop downstairs late at night to grab a piece of chocolate just to complete my last 200 steps and get over my 10,000 target. I am deeply aware that my calorie consumption outweighs my calorie burning most days and that I don’t get anything like enough sleep. Am I doing something about it? I’m trying to exercise and sleep more and eat less — its behavioural economics at work!

Why am I telling you all this? To demonstrate I spend more money on devices and apps than I should? To show I have ‘mug’ written across my forehead whenever I pass a gadget shop?

Well.. both might be true, but I don’t think I’m different from your typical 40-something bloke. I love gadgets — not all of them are great, not all of them work for me, but the way I live my life is being transformed radically — and not always in the ways I would expect. And I can imagine my life will be further transformed in the next few years in ways I can’t even predict today.

….. which is why I am baffled by those who believe that digital disruption just isn’t relevant to large scale enterprises. If our lives as individuals are transforming by the day, surely the way businesses run — particularly but not exclusively those who deal directly with consumers — will be transformed as well.

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