Top 10 Reasons Hassan Refused National Security Debate

Kelly agreed to six general election debates with Governor Hassan and urged her to accept an additional debate focused specifically on national security issues. Hassan refused, with a member of her campaign team dismissing it as a “sideshow“.

The top ten reasons Governor Hassan refused a national security debate:

10. “When it comes to the issue of foreign policy in New Hampshire’s U.S. Senate race, it’s hardly a fair fight between Democrat Gov. Maggie Hassan and Republican incumbent Kelly Ayotte.” (Concord Monitor)

9. “Hassan prefers playing the political equivalent of the prevent defense” when asked foreign policy questions. (Concord Monitor)

8. “Another demerit in Hassan’s column will be foreign policy.” (Washington Post)

7. “Hassan offered few specifics when it came to foreign policy.” (NHPR)

6. Hassan is a “neophyte when it comes to foreign affairs…” (Boston Globe Op-Ed)

5. “Asked several times by reporters, she did not say specifically whether she still believes there should be a pause in the program with respect to Syrians.” (WMUR)

4. “[Hassan] wouldn’t name any of her [foreign policy] advisers” (Concord Monitor)

3. “Hassan shows that her tough talk on national security is just empty bluster.” (Union Leader)

2. “Foreign policy may well represent [Hassan’s] greatest campaign challenge.” (Concord Monitor)

1 . “So in the absence of anything from the Hassan campaign outlining her foreign policy priorities, voters would be justified to assume Hassan would be little more than President Hillary Clinton’s rubberstamp in the U.S. Senate.” (Union Leader)

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