Fast Five: The switch to LED lighting at Michigan’s Liquid Web has significantly helped cut electricity usage and more

LED lights at Liquid Web have helped cut the companies energy use and bills.

Liquid Web (LW) completed its conversion to LED lighting last year, with help from a Michigan Energy Office rebate. The Michigan Agency for Energy featured the Lansing-based web hosting and cloud services company in a video as part of Energy Efficiency Day.

Here are some observations from Scott Haraburda, who leads LW’s facilities management, about that experience over the past year, on Energy Efficiency Day 2018:

1. The new LEDs overall — inside and outside — are a brighter, cleaner version of light compared to the old fluorescent bulbs. We reduced our lighting power usage by around 66 percent.

2. It’s not just about lighting power either. Since we reduced the power usage per fixture, we have also reduced the heat load, which eases a little work on the HVAC system.

We reclaimed about 10 tons of cooling by installing the LED bulbs in all our data centers.

3. LEDs involve less maintenance as well, which means fewer people on ladders, working over equipment, and more time spent on other projects.

4. We are focusing hard on energy efficiency projects. Lighting was the first step. We have a HVAC replacement project and we’re working on smaller investments like door replacements, weather sealing, and investigating new windows for Data Center 2.

5. LW also recently became the first data center in the country to use Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing on a full-scale project, according to PACENation. Under PACE, energy efficiency projects are financed through property tax payments rather than regular bank loan payments.