Looking for MIB Mining Pool MasterNode Applicants

Jun 13 · 2 min read

Welcome to MIB Mining Pool Master Node partnership, that will bring a new future, dream, and experience of Blockchain. You can apply MIB Mining Pool Masternode from any country that is not already listed on our MIB Mining Pool List.

1. Mining Pool managers will be provided following technical supports and services from MIB Team

* Service installation (Mining Pool Website, MIB Mining Node) * Their Mining Pool will be registered on the official MIB Mining Pool List from the official MIB website * Their Mining Pool will be in the pool selection list of MIB Mining App * A certain percentage of MIB Coin that MIB users mined from your Mining Pool will be distributed to you for your management reward

2. The role of MIB Mining Pool Masternode

* Administration of their respective MIB Mining Pool Telegram Channel. (ex. A Brazil Masternode will manage their MIB Official Brazil Telegram Chat) * Attracting new MIB Miners to their Mining Pool(mostly their regional miners) and encouraging the new miners to use their Pool. * Providing general information for new MIB users, such as MIB Policy and other related announcements and promotion materials for their pool users. * Running the Mining Pool Server for their regional users.

Do not hesitate to contact our email before your any decision on MIB e-mail : support@mibcoin.io Telegram : @raylim1217


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Mobile SmartX Blockchain platform. MIB is a Mobile-only Cryptocurrency and Mobile-only Blockchain Network Ecosystem that enables existing Cryptocurrency Mining