MIB looking for Mining Pool Managers

Jul 8 · 2 min read

Hello, this is from MIB Team.

MIB is looking for Managers from each country who will run the MIB Mining Pool.
Currently, the applicant’s country must have no MIB Mining Pool running in order to apply a new MIB Mining Pool, and later MIB will have 1 MIB Mining Pool for 1 Country as our policy.

1. Mining Pool managers will be provided following technical support and service
* Service installation (Mining Pool Web Site, MIB Mining Node)
* Management support and monitoring
* Registration on official Mining Pool in MIB Website
* Auto registration on official Mining Application
* Will earn ratio of mined MIB Coin in their Pool for management fee

2. The role of Mining Pool manager
* Managing of Community Channel
* Inviting Miners and encouraging them to mine in their Mining Pool
* Providing MIB information such as policy, other related announcements and advertisement to their region and regional users.
* Providing Mining server for their region.

3. Required documents
* A copy of your passport or certificate of residence including your residence
* Email address that will be your official contact address
* Your phone number including country code

You can see all the running MIB Mining Pool from the website below.

Contact to the email below if you have any inquiry about running MIB Mining Pool.

Email : eogus1217@boltsoft.io
Telegram : Raylim1217


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