Please don’t call me “motivational…”

Yes, I love sparking people to try harder, learn faster and do better, particularly when my audience is filled with children. And I love reinforcing the seven essential tenets of being MIC — Mighty In Character.

But I struggle with the word “motivate,” because it’s so externally imposed.

What’s wrong with that, you ask. …

A new lesson

In early September, nearly 500 elementary schoolchildren sat cross-legged on the gymnasium/multi-purpose room floor, all listening intently to what I had to say. I recounted my early years of poverty and deprivation and my later ones of living in my car — how I’d prayed to God for strength and courage and how God had intervened.

Springfield’s Fulton Elementary is a beautiful, inspiring place, clean and shiny, filled with colorful, eye-catching posters and inspirational messages. The kind of facility you’d want your kids to attend, as if you’d had a hand in designing it. …

Sometimes, while speaking of the many goals I’ve still set for myself, I feel as if I could leap right out of my own skin! While talking to my Team, I’ve been known to rise from my chair, grinning from ear to ear, my voice growing louder and my enthusiasm filling the room.

Many of the projects are already in place; I just need to continually fine-tune and expand them — locally, regionally, nationally. The Second Chance Program, for example, which hires former lawbreakers, thereby transforming their lives, will gradually increase its numbers. …

MIC Leader Michael Folkes

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