Rio della Salute — Claude Monet — 1908

MIDA revolutionizes the art world 3.0

Imagine to get lost among the calli of Venice on a sunny day, but not to experience that feeling of loss, while rather to enter a state of surreal euphoria, where the more you get lost, the more you discover corners of inestimable beauty. Corners which you would not have had access if not for the fact that you have consciously decided not follow your compass, not to look for the road of your original path.

In Venice the GPS hardly ever works, and here is where the magic of the city begins: it is the city itself that asks to be visited the old-fashioned way, without the aid of technology. It guides and cradles you as the tides of the lagoon do when they break on the “fondamenta”. It’s easy to see astonished tourists standing still in front of a cell phone and it’s even more satisfying to see their faces when with a “whatever” they rely on the old streets and the local people.

It is precisely at this moment that people’s minds begin to fantasize, reflecting and imagining the interior of certain buildings and thinking what priceless works can contain the Venetians “Ca’ ”. In fact, Venice lived its most flourishing period during the Serenissima Republic and MIDA knows well the heritage kept by the city.

MIDA’s work starts from Venice and continues to expand. Our mission is not only to transform into digital copies (NFT) these works of immense value to ensure their eternal presence, but above all to support the foundations that preserve them and continue to support the cult of art.

MIDA offers institutions a new way to valorize the masterpieces they preserve through the creation and sale of unique NFT artworks to the Metaverse’s collectors. The NFT Masterpiece created by MIDA maintains the key components of its physical counterpart: Uniqueness and Authenticity. MIDA creates value, innovates and connects people promoting the collective Cultural Heritage.

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