Bill Schuette Can’t Distance Himself from Flint Water Crisis Despite Election Year Posturing

Bill Schuette’s attempt to distance himself from Governor Rick Snyder and the Flint water crisis is nothing more than hypocritical election year posturing that ignores his failed record as Attorney General.

In particular, the Detroit Free Press reported yesterday that Schuette is trying to “rebuke” Snyder — who is currently running TV ads for Lt. Governor Brian Calley — for his Administration’s recent decision to stop providing bottled water to residents of Flint.

Schuette is attempting to separate himself from Snyder because he does not want the people of Michigan to remember that in 2014 his office signed off on a key order from the Department of Environmental Quality that helped set the Flint water crisis into motion.

Then after initially declining to investigate, Schuette conducted a reluctant investigation that was delayed for at least three months and raised serious conflict-of-interest questions.

“No amount of election year posturing can change the fact that Bill Schuette wasn’t on watch for the people of Flint when it mattered most. He botched a major decision that helped lead to the Flint water crisis and then dragged his feet for months,” stated Michigan Democratic Party Chair Brandon Dillon. “This kind of hypocritical politics is exactly why Michigan wants change from the Snyder Administration — and an establishment politician like Schuette won’t be able to distance himself from the GOP’s disastrous past seven years in Lansing.”