Dems Release Recordings Showing GOP State Reps, Candidates Endorsing, Praising Trump


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Monday, October 10, 2016

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Dems Release Recordings Showing GOP State Reps, Candidates Endorsing, Praising Trump

Dems Demand GOP State House Hopefuls Stand with Women and Renounce Endorsement of GOP Presidential Nominee

LANSING — On Monday, the Michigan Democratic Party pressed their demand that Republicans at all levels disavow their endorsement of Donald Trump. MDP released recorded statements of Republican State Representatives and House candidates Klint Kesto, Jason Sheppard, Bob Howey, Brandt Iden, Jeff Noble and Tom Barrett all endorsing and praising the fundamentally flawed GOP presidential candidate.

The renewed demand and release of endorsement recordings (see below) comes on the heels of an outrageous 2005 recording that made news rounds late Friday, in which Trump is heard making numerous derogatory and misogynistic comments about women including saying: “When you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything,” Trump is heard saying, and later adding “Grab them by the p — -y. You can do anything.”

“Today we are demanding Republicans at all levels, including State Representatives Klint Kesto, Jason Sheppard, Bob Howey, Brandt Iden, Jeff Noble, and Tom Barrett publicly renounce their endorsement of Donald Trump,” said Michigan Democratic Party Chair Brandon Dillon. “Now is the time to stand with American women who have been repeatedly denigrated by Trump’s lewd and misogynistic comments. Trump’s derogatory comments about women are sickening, un-presidential, and show the character of a deeply flawed man who has no business being any where near the Oval office.”

Endorsement Statements by GOP State Reps and Candidates

State Rep. Klint Kesto:

At a July 15, 2016 Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee Hour in Commerce Township, Kesto announced his support for Trump stating:

“He’s dynamic…I’m not going to vote for Hillary because I’m a Republican…I agree with his policies versus Hillary’s.” Kesto later added at the same ‘Coffee Hour’ that he agrees with Trump’s “policies to make America stronger, with trade, foreign policy, the HUD growth, the budget…”

State Rep. Tom Barrett:

During a May 27, 2016 Coffee Hour at Swede’s Restaurant in Mulliken, Barrett responded to a question over his support of Donald Trump saying emphatically:

“Yeah! I will be supporting Trump.”

State Rep. Brandt Iden:

The Detroit News reported on Rep. Iden’s enthusiastic support for Trump in July:

But state Rep. Brandt Iden, who was dancing on the floor of the convention center after Trump’s speech, predicted it would help catapult the Republican nominee to victory in November.
“Mr. Trump’s background in business I think is really going to lead us to success,” said Iden, R-Osthemo. “I think a lot of people are looking for that, and I think we’re going to win.”

Candidate for State Rep. Bob Howey:

At a Bob Howey Fundraiser at the Westfield Activities Center on August 26, 2016, Howey was asked if he was concerned having his name next to someone like Donald Trump. Howey responded:

“I’m going to support him [Donald Trump] — he’s the name — and that’s what we gotta do.”

State Rep. Jason Sheppard:

At an August 16, 2016 ‘Coffee Hour’ at DeCapo Coffee in Temperance, Sheppard was asked to share his feelings on Donald Trump being the Republican nominee for President. The state representative responded:

“He’s the nominee…I’m supporting our nominee.”

Candidate for State Rep. Jeff Noble:

During an interview on WAAM 1600 with Thyrone X on July 6, 2016, Jeff Noble said:

“There’s a nation under Trump leadership and there’s a nation under Hillary leadership. Which is going to be the best?… Given the opportunity between him [Donald Trump] and Hillary — come on — you got to be kidding me! There’s no comparison — there’s no option there!”


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