Documents Surrounding GOP Candidate Steve Marino’s Residence Keep Changing


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Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

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Documents Surrounding GOP Candidate Steve Marino’s Residence Keep Changing

Marino bragged about keeping his house in his dad’s name to avoid paying taxes. Following this claim, documents showed the owner was changed to “Steve Marino.” Shortly thereafter, it was switched back to his dad’s name. What is the former lobbyist trying to hide?

LANSING — GOP State Rep candidate Steve Marino is caught in an increasingly bizarre and tangled web of his own creation regarding who owns the property in which he resides on Lakeshore Drive in Macomb County.

While Marino was already caught making problematic claims that he was keeping the Lakeshore Drive home in his father Joseph Marino’s name, in order to avoid paying higher property taxes, the story gets stranger as Marino continues to publicly waver between claims he owns the home outright and that he is only a tenant.

At a December 2015 “coffee hour,” with constituents in Macomb County, Marino stated that he has a mortgage with PMI, despite no record existing. Later, in the same conversation, he contradicts himself and says his father owns the property, and that he has a land contract in his father’s name. Complicating all of this is the fact that the name attached to the home keeps switching. While there is no existing land contract or mortgage, in August the owner and property taxpayer was changed from “Joseph Marino” to “Steve Marino,” according to a September 13th Detroit Free Press story, which also noted that the name change did not include any change in the deed or registration of a land contract. In other words, it was purely cosmetic. Later in September, the owner and property taxpayer info was switched back to “Joseph Marino.” (document attached)

“Steve Marino should understand that leaders don’t avoid paying taxes on lakefront property while the rest of Macomb County shoulders the responsibility of paying for our roads and schools,” said Brandon Dillon, Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party. “Nor do leaders create ever-changing shell games about who owns the house in which they live. The people of Macomb County deserve better. They deserve someone who fights for them, not someone who’s always looking out for himself.”


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