Former Snyder Health Director: ‘I Don’t Have Any Faith’ Schuette Will Keep Medicaid Expansion

As Bill Schuette is desperately trying to run from his disastrous record of opposing Healthy Michigan, a new front-page report for the Detroit News is detailing how Medicaid expansion “hangs in balance” in the race for governor of Michigan.

Jim Haveman, former director of the Michigan Department of Community Health in the Snyder Administration, told the Detroit News that Schuette’s latest posturing on Healthy Michigan is “more of a political statement,” and that he cannot be trusted to protect healthcare:
“Bill Schuette as attorney general … worked against us when we were trying to get the votes in the House. I don’t have any faith if he becomes governor he will continue the Healthy Michigan plan.”

This report comes as Schuette is trying to backtrack on his opposition to Medicaid expansion, but is refusing to answer direct yes or no questions like: “If the legislature sent you a bill ending the Healthy Michigan plan, as governor would you sign it?”
“Leaders on both sides of the aisle know Bill Schuette can’t be trusted to protect Healthy Michigan,” said Michigan Democratic Party Spokesperson Sam Newton. “No amount of desperate political posturing can change Schuette’s disastrous record of trying to block Medicaid expansion and coverage for 680,000 Michiganders.”