Matthew Maddock Had Several Run-ins With The Law, Clearly Thinks He’s Above It

HD-44 Republican nominee has been sued multiple times, had personal protection order filed against him and even been caught shoplifting

MILFORD, MI. — Matthew Maddock, Republican candidate for state representative in Michigan’s 44th House District, promotes values like safety and integrity on his website, but it’s clear he seems to think those standards don’t need to apply to him or his behavior.

A new website reveals that not only has Maddock been sued five times but he’s also had a personal protection order filed against him because of stalking. Along with his wife, he has had three tax liens levied against him, totaling up to $12,400 — certainly not very responsible conservative behavior — and it turns out he was even caught shoplifting.

Matthew Maddock’s record shows he doesn’t respect our laws or law enforcement, yet he wants to write laws for other people.

Michigan Democratic Party Chair Brandon Dillon reacted: “How can we expect Maddock to lead with integrity in the Michigan Legislature when his criminal background completely contradicts with how a leader behaves? No one is above the law, and anyone who wants to write laws for others should be willing to abide by them just like the rest of us. The voters of Oakland County deserve a leader who will look out for them, not look for ways to circumvent the laws of our state.”