MDP Chair Barnes: Chatfield and House GOP Vote Against Whitmer’s EO is a ‘Vote Against Clean Drinking Water’

The Michigan Democratic Party issued the following statement today on behalf of MDP Chair Lavora Barnes in response to Lee Chatfield and the House GOP’s vote against Governor Whitmer’s executive order — which protects clean drinking water, the Great Lakes, and finally makes the state government more responsive to issues with Michigan’s drinking water.
“While Governor Whitmer is changing Lansing to finally prioritize cleaning up our drinking water and protecting the Great Lakes, Republican politicians are playing partisan games and trying to protect the status quo that has failed Michigan families for too long. A vote against Governor Whitmer’s executive order is nothing more than a vote against clean drinking water.”
Whitmer’s move to restructure the DEQ to prioritize clean drinking water and protecting the Great Lakes has received bipartisan support outside of Lansing with Republican Candice Miller stating: “I am very pleased to see that among Gov. Whitmer’s first actions in re-organizing state government is the series of actions (she) has taken to protect our magnificent Great Lakes.”