MDP Statement on the Second Presidential Debate


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Sunday, October 9th, 2016

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MDP Statement on the Second Presidential Debate

LANSING — The Michigan Democratic Party released the following statement tonight, on behalf of Party Chair Brandon Dillon, regarding the second presidential debate that took place this evening between Secretary Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump:

“Tonight, Hillary Clinton, once again, proved that she is ready to lead this country as the next President of the United States. Donald Trump was not only un-presidential, he appeared to be unhinged, and he again showed that he’s temperamentally unfit to lead,” said Brandon Dillon, Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party.

“The closer we get to Election Day, the stark contrast between these two individuals becomes more blindingly clear. What we saw with the last two debates is that Donald Trump doesn’t belong on the same stage as Hillary Clinton, let alone in the White House. Hillary Clinton cares about the good of our country and creating a better tomorrow for all Americans. Donald Trump only cares about himself and creating a world where men like him can spend their entire lives taking and getting whatever they want.”


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