Michigan Democrats Call on Rep. Iden to Disavow Donald Trump


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Saturday, October 8, 2016

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Michigan Democrats Call on Rep. Iden to Disavow Donald Trump

Following abhorrent remarks by the GOP presidential candidate, Michigan Democrats are calling on Republicans at all levels to renounce their endorsement of Trump

LANSING — Michigan Democratic Party officials today are calling on State Representative Brandt Iden to disavow Donald Trump and take a stand by renouncing their endorsement of the Republican presidential candidate. The demand comes on the heels of an extraordinarily outrageous 2005 recording that made news rounds late Friday, in which Trump makes numerous derogatory and misogynistic comments about women.

In a “hot mic” recording, first published by the Washington Post, Trump is heard telling then “Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush about the time he tried to sleep with a married women but failed. Later in the conversation, after catching a glimpse of the “Days of Our Lives” actress the duo were scheduled to meet, Trump explained that he had to have a Tic-Tac in case he just started kissing her.

“When you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything,” Trump is heard saying to Bush, later adding “Grab them by the p — -y. You can do anything.”

“Today we are demanding Republicans at all levels, including State Representative Brandt Iden, publicly renounce his endorsement of Donald Trump,” said Michigan Democratic Party chair Brandon Dillon. “Now is the time to stand with our wives, daughters, sisters and mothers who have been repeatedly denigrated by Trump’s lewd and misogynistic comments. Trump’s derogatory comments about women are sickening, unpresidential and show the character of a deeply flawed man who has no business being any where near the Oval Office. ”

This is not the first time Donald Trump has been caught using dehumanizing and inappropriate language. Earlier this week, the Associated Press published an investigative piece into Trump’s time on “The Apprentice.” Numerous sources came forward, sharing examples of Trump using misogynistic language that served to demean the women on the set.

Democrats are calling for an immediate response from Rep. Iden renouncing his support for Trump. “Our wives, daughters, sisters and mothers shouldn’t have to wait,” added Dillon.


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