Michigan Democrats Push For Transparency, Accountability During Sunshine Week

News from the Michigan Democratic Party

Tuesday, March 14, 2017
Contact: Paul Kanan, 517.371.5410; pkanan@michigandems.com

Michigan Democrats Push For Transparency, Accountability During Sunshine Week

LANSING — The Michigan Democratic Party released the following statement today, on behalf of Party Chair Brandon Dillon, regarding Sunshine Week and Democratic proposals in the State House and Senate that aim to make Michigan a model for transparency and accountability:

“Under complete Republican control of our state government, Michigan has dropped to dead last in the entire country for transparency and accountability,” said Brandon Dillon, Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party. “The only thing that stands in the way of Michigan going from the bottom straight to the top is the willingness of Republicans in our legislature to join with Democrats in passing commonsense reforms that make our elected officials accountable to the people they serve. This is an opportunity for bipartisan cooperation, but both sides must reach across the aisle — Michigan Democrats have extended their hand, and I urge Michigan Republicans to do the same.”