Michigan GOP Civil War Continues Through Convention: ‘Republicans find themselves badly fractured’

Detroit News Republican Columnist Daniel Howes: “The Grand Ol’ Party Divided”
 Headlines, reporters, and columnists are making it clear that Bill Schuette is in the middle of an ongoing GOP civil war that is going to continue after the Michigan Republican Party convention — especially as Governor Rick Snyder skipped the event.
Here’s what headlines, reporters, and columnists are saying about Bill Schuette and division in the Michigan Republican Party:
WKZO: “Republicans find themselves badly fractured… Snyder is refusing to endorse the party’s choice to replace him, Bill Schuette, and is staying away from the convention.”

Detroit News Republican Columnist Daniel Howes: Rick Snyder’s “people say it’s a scheduling conflict. I say that’s baloney. He’s making a statement. And it’s aimed squarely at Attorney General Bill Schuette: ‘You’re on your own.’”

Detroit News: “…cracks were apparent in the attempt at a unified front… Both Lt. Gov. Brian Calley and Gov. Rick Snyder, via a video message, urged voters to unite behind Republican candidates to continue Michigan’s comeback, but neither mentioned governor hopeful Bill Schuette by name.”
AP: “The party is not entirely unified heading into November, though… The Michigan Democratic Party, which characterizes the Republican friction as a ‘civil war,’ posted ‘missing’ signs of Snyder outside the convention hall.”
Michigan Radio: “While multiple people called for unity, there is still some discontent within the party.”