Michigan’s GOP Civil War Hits the Airwaves

GOP race featuring Schuette and Calley turns nasty as rival wings of the Michigan Republican Party launch TV ads

The GOP civil war in Michigan is hitting the airwaves, as a new report from Detroit News shows that rival wings of the Michigan Republican Party are launching TV ads in the GOP primary for governor featuring Bill Schuette and Brian Calley.

Bill Schuette’s campaign is running scared, already attacking Brian Calley in a new ad. Not to be left in the dust, Rick Snyder’s PAC started airing a TV ad featuring the Governor endorsing Calley. Additionally, Calley’s campaign told the Detroit News that his rival “shady Bill Schuette” is an “ultimate politician who will say anything to seize power.”

With more than four months to go before the primary, the race has already gotten nasty.

  • This latest escalation in the GOP race comes just days after Governor Rick Snyder endorsed and started fundraising for Calley.
  • Snyder’s endorsement is competing against Donald Trump’s endorsement of Bill Schuette.
  • Meanwhile, State Senator Patrick Colbeck has the backing of Sean Hannity.

Although there’s a sharp divide in the primary between the Snyder and Trump wings of the Michigan Republican Party, Calley and Schuette both spent the past 7 years in Lansing as central figures in the Snyder Administration. As a result, they’re both directly tied to Snyder’s setbacks on the state’s failing roads and schools, along with the Flint water crisis.

Michigan Democratic Party Chair Brandon Dillon added:

“While the state’s roads and schools are failing, the last thing Michiganders need is a nasty family feud in the GOP primary about who has greater allegiance to Donald Trump. Whether it’s Bill Schuette or Brian Calley, the eventual nominee from this worsening GOP civil war is going to be weighed down by the last decade of Republican setbacks in Lansing.”

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