Outside Republican Debate, Local Residents Protest GOP Candidates for Refusing to Stand Up to Trump’s Harmful Healthcare Agenda

Schuette and Calley have been silent on Trump’s latest attempt to gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions

Ahead of tonight’s Republican gubernatorial debate, local residents — among other protestors — gathered outside of the WDIV Local 4 station to warn against Bill Schuette and Brian Calley’s refusal to stand up to Donald Trump’s harmful healthcare agenda.
In particular, Schuette and Calley have been silent on the Trump administration’s recent legal action that aims to eliminate healthcare protections for people with pre-existing conditions. If Trump has his way, this move could hurt over 4 million Michiganders.

“When my apartment caught on fire, I had to jump out of a window to escape — fracturing my ankle, shattering my heel bone and breaking my back. That led to several surgeries and months of therapy,” said Wayne County Resident Stefanie Mezigian. “Without the Affordable Care Act, I would be bankrupt and am not sure I would have been able to relearn how to walk. In contrast to Bill Schuette and Brian Calley, we need a governor who is going to stand up and speak out when Republicans in DC try to rip our healthcare away.”

They have also refused to speak out against Trump’s blatant sabotage of insurance markets, which is drastically increasing premiums for working families.
Both Schuette and Calley have a history of supporting the GOP’s harmful healthcare agenda and have made allegiance to Trump a centerpiece of their campaigns for governor.