Residents of House District 66 Demand Answers from Candidate Beth Griffin


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Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

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Residents of House District 66 Demand Answers from Candidate Beth Griffin
County commissioner used taxpayer resources to campaign for State House

SOUTH HAVEN — Van Buren County Commissioner Beth Griffin has defied public demands that she hold herself accountable for using taxpayer resources to campaign for the Michigan House of Representatives. Griffin, the Republican candidate for the 66th House District, has yet to offer an explanation for her illegal use of public resources or issue an apology.

“People like Beth Griffin are the reason why faith and trust in government are at an all-time low,” said Brandon Dillon, Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party. “If she has a valid reason for using taxpayer dollars to campaign for another political job, she should tell taxpayers what it is. If she has no explanation for spending the taxpayers’ money on her own career, then she owes the public an apology. But she’s done neither, which shows her contempt for the people she’s asking to represent.”

A recent survey of voters in the 66th House District found that 64 percent disapprove of Griffin’s use of county resources to campaign for the State House and want to to hear an explanation directly from her as to why she did it.

“Beth Griffin’s refusal to explain her actions and apologize for them demonstrate that she is the kind of politician who will always put herself before the people she’s supposed to represent,” Dillon said. “The 66th House District deserves a leader who will put the families, students, seniors and small-business owners of Southwest Michigan first, not someone like Beth Griffin, whose driving ambition is to further her own career.”


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