Snyder Ramps Up GOP Civil War with Trump Wing of the Party

Both Rick Snyder and Donald Trump are unpopular and pushing harmful agendas — but now they’re fighting over who should be the GOP nominee for governor.

It’s been reported today that Governor Rick Snyder will officially endorse Lt. Governor Brian Calley in yet another sign a GOP civil war is heating up between the Snyder and Donald Trump wings of the Michigan Republican Party. Whoever survives the GOP civil war will be in an even more divided Republican Party and weighed down by the last decade of GOP failures in Lansing.

  • Snyder’s endorsement of Brian Calley is in direct contrast with Donald Trump who has endorsed Bill Schuette. Meanwhile, State Senator Patrick Colbeck has been endorsed by Sean Hannity.
  • Either way, both Schuette and Calley have stood by Snyder for the past seven years, while Michigan’s roads and schools have fallen into disrepair. They have also both been top officials in the Snyder administration throughout the entire duration of the Flint water crisis.
  • A recent statewide poll showed that Trump and Snyder are both deeply unpopular in Michigan, with Trump underwater at a 37–60% negative job approval and Snyder at 39–58%.

“The only thing Rick Snyder’s endorsement does today is ramp up the already growing GOP civil war with Donald Trump’s wing of the Michigan Republican Party,” said Michigan Democratic Party spokesperson Sam Newton. “No endorsements can change the fact that Bill Schuette and Brian Calley have both spent most of the last decade in Lansing putting special interest donors first, while problems for working and middle class families fell further behind. So it’s uncertain who will win this GOP civil war, but it’s clear that the eventual nominee will be in an even more divided Republican Party and weighed down by Snyder’s failed record on roads, schools, and clean water.”

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