Statement on Bill Schuster’s Rally with Kellyanne Conway

Bill Schuette has been personally begging for Donald Trump to campaign in Michigan, but right now the White House is only sending Kellyanne Conway to join his broke and struggling campaign.
On Friday, panelists on WKAR’s “Off the Record” agreed that “Schuette’s campaign is collapsing.”
Top national Republican consultant John Weaver responded to the news that Conway is coming to Michigan by saying, “What a sad, pathetic ending.”
And recently, the Detroit Metro Times used a bizarre photo of Schuette in front of a burning building to write: “This picture of Bill Schuette in front of a burning building is a perfect metaphor for his campaign.” 
“Whether it’s his disastrous healthcare record, a new report that shows he dragged his feet on the PFAS water crisis, or canceled TV ads — Bill Schuette’s campaign hasn’t stopped hitting potholes in the closing week,” said Michigan Democratic Party Spokesperson Sam Newton. “But now, even Donald Trump is throwing him under the bus and refusing to campaign with him.”