Two New Statewide Polls: Whitmer Leading Schuette by Double Digits

Whitmer leading Schuette 49%-39% and 50%-36% in Two New Polls

Michigan Democrats continue to gain momentum in the race for governor as two new statewide polls are showing that Gretchen Whitmer is leading Bill Schuette by double digits.
A statewide poll from the Republican firm Strategic National found that Whitmer is leading Schuette by a margin of 10% with a head-to-head matchup of 49% to 39%. Additionally, another poll conducted for Detroit News and WDIV-TV shows Whitmer up 50%-36%.
The Detroit News reported that in the poll Whitmer “had a 13.8-percentage-point advantage among self-described independents, a coveted voting bloc that can help swing close elections.”
Just last week, a top Republican strategist for both of Rick Snyder’s campaigns predicted a Democratic victory on WKAR’s “Off the Record,” adding that Bill Schuette is in “deep trouble” and “I think it’s more of a question whether it’s a double digit loss or not.”
“Michigan Democrats have the momentum because working families know Gretchen Whitmer is a proven leader who will fight to fix our roads, boost wages, repeal the retirement tax, and ensure clean drinking water. In contrast, Bill Schuette is desperate and running scared from his record of trying to rip healthcare away from Michiganders,” said Michigan Democratic Party Chair Brandon Dillon. “This just gives us even more energy to keep reaching voters and organizing like never before — in every corner of the state.”

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