Upton Wavering on GOP Health Care Bill He Saved

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017
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Upton Wavering on GOP Health Care Bill He Saved
Congressman Tells Radio Station ‘Don’t Ask Me Today’ if He Could Vote for Toxic Plan Again

LANSING — Congressman Fred Upton (R-St. Joseph) looks to be having second thoughts about the Republican health care bill he personally bailed out. The plan, also known as “Trumpcare,” drastically increases costs while providing less care. The plan would force older Michiganders to pay as much as five times more for care, while jeopardizing coverage for pre-existing conditions. On Monday, WSW Radio asked Upton if he would vote for the bill as it was passed in the House again. Upton’s reply was: “Don’t ask me today.”

Upton is considered the architect of the disastrous Republican bill, which would cause insurance rates to skyrocket. Upton revived the bill with an amendment for high-risk pools, which nonpartisan groups like AARP, say won’t protect people with pre-existing conditions, like diabetes and cancer. Last week, Politico reported new polling showing that Upton would lose his seat next year to a generic Democratic opponent, 37%-41%.

“Now we know why Congressman Upton has been hiding from his constituents following his bailout of Trumpcare,” said Michigan Democratic Party Chair Brandon Dillon. “Even he knows the Republican plan is a man-made disaster waiting to happen, and it could cost him the only thing he cares about — his seat in Congress. If Upton wasn’t sure about the bill before, and he doesn’t stand behind his decision to support it now, he should step up and say something. However, rather than providing his constituents with an explanation, Upton is putting people’s lives in danger with his political cowardice.”