WATCH: Schuette Personally Asked for Trump, But Is Getting Kellyanne Conway

In the closing weeks of the race for governor, Bill Schuette has told reporters he is expecting Donald Trump to campaign for his broke and struggling campaign. Yesterday, Schuette even revealed that on Monday he personally asked Mike Pence for the President to come.
So who is the White House sending to the rescue? Kellyanne Conway
Earlier this week, the Detroit News reported that Trump is “not expected” to campaign in Michigan before the election. When making decisions about where to go, White House advisors have argued Trump would be “wasting his time” to campaign for candidates they think will lose, according to the Washington Post. 
“Bill Schuette’s desperate campaign has been begging Donald Trump to come to Michigan — even though he’s deeply unpopular and continues to push a disastrous healthcare agenda,” said Michigan Democratic Party Spokesperson Sam Newton. “After spending his entire campaign acting like Trump’s lapdog, it’s clear the President has put Schuette in the doghouse. 
WATCH: Bill Schuette said he personally asked Mike Pence on Monday if Trump can visit.

WATCH: Bill Schuette brags after the WDIV debate last week about Lara Trump visiting and says he expects Donald Trump to campaign with him in Michigan.