WATCH: Schuette Refuses on Video to Support Healthy Michigan — Again

A new report from WWMT is showing once again that Bill Schuette — who “consistently opposed the expansion of Medicaid” — is refusing to say he will support Healthy Michigan as governor, even though it provides healthcare for 680,000 Michiganders.

Click here to watch the video from WWMT:

Instead of pledging to support Healthy Michigan, Schuette told WWMT he backs Donald Trump and the Republican Congress on healthcare “point by point.” The GOP-led Congress and the Trump Administration have tried to dismantle Medicaid and gut coverage for pre-existing health conditions. Among other steps to rip healthcare away, they have also sabotaged insurance markets and brought back junk plans that eliminate protections for essential health benefits like maternity care and mental health services.

Additionally, Bridge Magazine noted today that Schuette “has steadfastly opposed the Affordable Care Act, marshalling the resources of his office to file suit against the law,” while his spokesperson “declined to answer the question directly” when asked about protecting Healthy Michigan. And when Schuette was asked about Healthy Michigan in August, he had a Medicaid meltdown, which Tim Skubick said made “clear to me that he’s not going to preserve it.”

Michigan Democratic Party Spokesperson Sam Newton added, “Bill Schuette can’t run from his record of trying to rip coverage away from Michigan families. Instead of ducking questions, he should come clean and tell the 680,000 Michiganders on Healthy Michigan why he supports dismantling their healthcare.”

Here’s a transcript of the exchange on Healthy Michigan:
Mikenzie Frost with WWMT: “Would you support legislation to make any more changes?”
Bill Schuette: “Congress and the federal government, they’ve eliminated the taxes and they made sure that now you’re not getting punished by the federal government, so point by point Congress and President Trump have changed Obamacare and that’s a positive thing.”
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