Branding A Startup Taxi Service

When Phaino Taxi applied for funding from the Federal Government YOUWIN Programme which provides business grants to young people with innovative ideas, their goal was to establish a taxi service in the city of Kaduna that provided ease of movement and an efficient service. This was extremely important considering the fragmented nature of transport options in the city — limited to rickety buses and tricycle cabs. Booking a taxi was always a herculean task, especially for visitors to the city and those seeking to go to places outside the usual routes of existing transport options, such as the airport.

They turned to MINDcapital to develop a brand, business model and processes that will deliver the intended value of efficient and easy service to their passengers in a profitable way.

MINDcapital worked with Phaino Taxi to develop innovative processes such as giving passengers payment options using PoS terminals and electronic bank transfers, reducing the need for cash handling. The taxis also use a distance-based system based on a rate per km, and switching to lag mode while in traffic.

We also developed a branding and marketing plan which included different packages, discounts for passengers, and a cost-effective brand promotion strategy across digital, print and social medias and street activation.

The final stage of the project involved crafting a brand identity for Phaino Taxi and developing brand collateral. We created the tagline, “Move With Ease” to capture the mantra of the company to ensure that all its processes were as simple as possible in order to provide excellent transport for its passengers.


The logo and the tagline


Business Card




Flyers for Print Campaign

Car Wraparounds

We designed and installed wraparounds on their vehicles.

Front view
Side view — Driver’s side
Side view — Passenger side
Back view
Aerial view

Web Development

MINDcapital developed a website that allowed passengers to book rides, making it responsive across desktop and mobile devices.

The web address is

To reach MINDcapital, email or call 0810 321 6621.