Ever been in a supermarket looking for one product and being confronted with a sea of the product in different brand names, colors and packaging; and rather than the plenty choices being a help to you, you are confused because you can’t seem to know which one to pick?

Often times, when people find something they like, they become aggressively loyal and consistent in the use of that thing. It is not that they hate change; it is just that they like things they are already familiar with — it is safe, unassuming and easy. It is routine and routine makes life so much easier to manage.

Let us imagine a young man that goes to a large supermarket shopping for personal supplies. In particular, he is looking for deodorant and mouthwash, and as he walks down the aisle filled with shelves containing rows upon rows of male body products, he finds himself confused and indecisive. It is not just that he cannot find the specific brand he is looking for, but he is also faced with the horrific decision that he has to make a change and choose from among the multitude of names that are unknown to him.

It is in such situations that the power of branding and how it is important in influencing the buying decisions of people becomes very apparent. It is for moments like this, when the customer is standing in a store faced with a whole lot of choices that the importance of creating a strong brand and building brand perceptions in the minds of customers and clients comes alive.

All the customer is looking for to make a choice is a familiar name, or logo something he might have seen or heard about; something that was not so alien. He is looking for something to relate with, probably on an emotional level. It is kind of like going to a new place where you don’t know anybody and finding someone you are familiar with but don’t really know. Oh the joys of familiarity.

This is the end game of branding — creating and communicating a brand that is recognizable and possibly familiar, and relatable because clients and customers will be faced with buying decisions where the products or services with brands that are familiar, recognizable and relatable will have an upper hand.

In an increasingly aggressive world of business where each product or service faces competition and where the customer needs an assurance of what he is buying, there has to be something, some added information or emotion that makes it easy to recognize you, and eventually choose you over the competition at that moment of decision.

This is the power of branding. This is why we can’t shut up about it.

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