Union Bank Finally Rebrands

Union Bank is, most likely, older than allayuu.

No jokes.

Union Bank is the second oldest bank in Nigeria, established way, way back in 1917 when there weren’t any colour TVs, or any TVs at all in Nigeria. Lets take a moment to let it sink in. And until recently it showed. Until recently you could count on Union Bank to give you service and solutions consistent with the 80s. If you were looking for links to the deep past, as so many of us never are, Union Bank branches were time-traveling portals that would take you there. The poor service delivery was very evident in the shabby (and often smelly) halls, the long queues, almost non-existent use of technology and annoying processes.

The logo we all grew up with, and evokes bad perceptions

Who was surprised when the bank almost failed and had to be bailed out along with eight others in 2009 by the Central Bank of Nigeria? Not us.

First attempt at changing the logo. Obviously, it didn’t work

But all that has changed recently.

Yay! They finally did it!

Union Bank has rebranded, you guys.
Gone is the white stallion.

Err, actually, not really.

The stallion is still there, but in motion, on a light blue background, with the Union Bank written in a more appealing and relaxing lower-cased font. It makes sense to retain the iconic stallion and add the motion to reflect a time-tested brand moving forward — big, strong, reliable, in motion.

The rebranding also goes just beyond a cosmetic change — it is down to the core experience and processes that make it up. Long before the logo change, an improvement was being made to the banking halls and service channels using technology such as mobile and internet banking. Heck, the bank even got really active on social media.

The communication around the rebranding has been effective as well, employing not just traditional media but also digital and social media heavily. It has also helped a great deal that it is the only bank the President uses, which the bank has used in ads.

Gradually, the perception of Union Bank as an old bank that is well behind its time and a synonym for almost extinct is being shed.

This has been a rebranding well done.

And we like it.