So.. What is anyway?

Part 1: How to Make the Most of the MINWO Business Network

It’s been about a month and a half since we launched our platform, 🎉, and a constant fire fight as we try to stay a step ahead of the unpredictable. What we thought would be the hard part, launching, went rather seamlessly and what we thought would be the easy part, explaining what the platform is, has been surprisingly difficult. I guess that’s what they mean when they say “expect the unexpected.”

What we took for granted is that not everyone eats, breathes, sleeps, and lives #MINWO like we do (shocker 😦). The concepts that we’re almost tired of talking about are brand new to the world. To address this, we’re starting a series that breaks down the platform starting with this article that provides a high-level overview of the MINWO Business Network.

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Everyone loves a good glossary, so we’ll start there:

MINWOwner (min-woan-er): a minority and/or woman business owner. We’re here solely to support these game changers. MINWOwners have free access to all resources on 👉 Sign up for membership here.

MINWO Partner: a MINWOwner who happens to also sell their services in the MINWO Business Services Catalog. They can also advertise their events (conferences, webinars, master classes) through our News & Events page. MINWO Partners have free access to the platform until November 1st. 👉 Sign up for membership here. minorities and women investing in minorities and women

MINWO Business Services Catalog: a catalog where MINWOwners can find business consulting services. These services are affordable and priced for small- and medium-sized businesses. We encourage all MINWOwners to start with our free Business Health Assessment to help identify growth opportunities for your company.

MINWOwner Resource Center: curated resources that make your life as a MINWOwner or a MINWO Partner easier. These resources range from templates to podcasts to videos to software and are all tools that have been recommended by the community.

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Grounded? Good. We’ll double-click on each of those features in future articles of our How to Make the Most of the MINWO Business Network series. This article, however, should give you a bit more transparency into the foundation of the platform.

Before we close, there are a few more common themes that have come up that we wanted to address. If you have more questions, feel free to leave them in the comments!

What is the Point of

Business is not meant to be done in isolation. What often holds our community back from progressing in this space is the feeling of being alone in the fight. Through we’re creating a community that knows where you’ve been, can support you where you’re going, and genuinely wants to see you win.

But.. Fiverr.. and and.. Upwork.. and.. and.. why should I use

My favorite phrase to tell myself is “there was a MySpace before Facebook.” All the aforementioned are great websites to get projects done, however, we’re building something that fills a gap in our community. The media and Fortune 500 companies would lead the public to believe that there aren’t enough minorities or women to create equity in business. We’re here to show them otherwise.

Is MINWO Just for Women?

Not at all. MINWO includes: minority men, minority women, and non-minority women. Eventually, there will also be a place/role for non-minority men; we’re just not there yet.

That’s in a nutshell. Let us know what questions you have or what services and/or resources you need. We’d be glad to support you as you take your company to the next level.

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-The MINWO Team