Admitting a Spouse to Nursing Homes or Senior Communities in Michigan

Senior Care Network is familiar with the hardships families go through when their aging loved one has to be sent to nursing home or senior communities in Michigan. It’s even harder when the individual that requires long term care away from the home is one’s own spouse. Aside from the emotional stress the change could bring, there may also be some legal and financial problems that could arise for the spouses of long-term care recipients. This is one of the areas SCN addresses to help to alleviate anxiety for family members.
 Prolonged stays in nursing homes or senior apartments in Michigan is often costly, especially when paying for such services is out-of-pocket. However, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Services, Medicaid has certain measures in place to prevent the at-home spouse from enduring the devastation of paying hefty bills from nursing home care.

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