educating 1,000,000,000 students

When we released both 15.390.1x Entrepreneurship 101 and 15.390.2x Entrepreneurship 102 on January 9, 2015, we made subtitles available in: Spanish, French, Turkish and Mandarin to make the courses more accessible to students whose native tongue is not English. (We originally also wanted to translate the courses into Arabic, but we’re holding off on this until the edX platform can display script from right to left.)

One of edX’s goals is to educate 1 billion people. Unless we translate the courses into other languages, we won’t be able to achieve that goal. By far, most of the MITx students live in English speaking countries. Many of the students who took the first run of our course from South America, Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa and China were well educated. Even though English may not be their mother tongue, their English was fluent enough to watch the videos in English and answer the assessments in English. To educate people lower down on the pyramid, they may need help overcoming the language barrier. For this reason, we are offering the MITx Entrepreneurship courses in four new languages. If you would have the ability to help us translate this course into another foreign language, please reach out to us on Twitter at: @MIT15390x.