Passing The Torch

From all of us at Make It Work

When the three-year Make It Work campaign first launched in 2014, we started with a vision: get America ready for big, bold solutions that will help people across the country make it work.

And thanks to your help, we’ve done just that! Your stories and your support have helped people all across the country realize they’re not alone. Over the last three years, you’ve helped us shift the conversation around pocketbook issues like child care, equal pay, and paid family leave. You’ve helped us make the issues that matter to working families unavoidable. We can’t thank you enough for joining us on this incredible journey.

That’s why we’re announcing that Make It Work is winding down at the end of the year, as planned. We’re thrilled to be passing the torch to our Make It Work family in Nevada who will continue building our community of passionate activists. We’re also thrilled to continue supporting the work of our friends who are keeping up the good fight nationally.

But friend, while the Make It Work campaign was always intended to be a time-bound effort, our work is far from finished. We’re winding down so that others can wind up and carry the momentum of our communities into their work to achieve the policy and political changes that will create economic security for all working families.

We’ve introduced you to all these partner groups in the last several days, and we now encourage you to join them and support the work they do:

  • MomsRising is dedicated to mobilizing women, mothers, and families to make a difference on the issues that matter to all of us, whether it’s fair workplaces, safe child care, affordable healthcare, and more. They know, like we do, that women’s voices are the voices of leaders.
  • The National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA) advocates for dignity and fairness for domestic workers. NDWA agrees that real child and healthcare solutions don’t just mean lower costs for the families who need it — it means making sure child care workers and in-home assistants have livable wages and workplace protections.
  • Family Values @ Work is a game-changing coalition advocating for real family-friendly policies at work — like paid sick days, and paid family and medical leave for everyone. They’ve won victories all over the country, and aren’t slowing down!
  • UltraViolet, like Make It Work, believes that stopping sexism and discrimination doesn’t just mean shifting policy — it means shifting culture. Through grassroots organizing and conversation-shifting campaigns, UltraViolet is dedicated to creating a world that accurately represents all women, whether it’s politics, government, media, or pop culture.

These groups are all taking the tactics of resistance and advocacy to a new level in order to help create a more just and secure future for us all. We’re incredibly excited to see how you’ll help them do just that.

We hope you’ll join our allies on this next step.

Thank you,

The entire Make It Work Team