Gary Coby

Gary — great post — twitter is “trending” toward being the beacon of institutional bias for the social media age. We are launching a new platform that could be ideal for you. It is called MIXONIUM and it allows for little content dashboards that hold seven items — of any media type — for easy distribution on all channels (email, CRM, texting, Twitter, Facebook, instagram, and even embedding into websites. Forget emojis, attach a MIX!

To see them in action, follow Terrell Owens on Twitter — he uses the system to his massive reach — and MIXONIUM enables deeper stories, messages, and calls to action. Could invent the future of presidential messaging for the social-mobile age.

Here’s a pretend MIX on DJT as analogue to Churchill — we’d love to help you!

If you’d like to discuss, email support@mixonium.com