Bullocks! Health care doesn’t work that way!


Mostly excluding those in the Medical Field, and to a slightly lesser extent the Health Insurance industry, most Americans do not understand how they work at all. Before the ACA the vast majority agreed it sucked, Insurance premiums were going up quickly and deductibles were rising and they either could not get or afford coverage, that was being driven by the Hospitals and Clinics charging more so they could recoup the losses they were taking from the uninsured. After the ACA, the premiums continued to go up, the Medical Care cost stabilized and in many instances went down, but now the cost still rose because more people were covered and receiving medical services. Those cost would still rise, but it should have stabilized over this year and next to a gradual increase. With the Government going to the control of the Party wanting to repeal the ACA, as well as their prior sabotage of reducing the loss reduction payments the Carriers had no reason to stay in it, and it is failing.

Due to our Politics becoming so polarized that it has caused them to devolve into tribal politics, many on the Conservative side are now willfully blind to history and what used to exist here. They believe that if the repeal the Law put into place by the Liberals it will create a Market Utopia. The Liberal side instead of pushing for the changes necessary to the ACA, are instead just fighting the smaller battles for political reasons. To put it bluntly, our Health Care System was really bad, it was upgraded to bad, and is most likely going to go back to really bad.

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