Gosh, Michael, that is the most effective defense of Single Payer that I remember ever seeing.


You are welcome to, as it could be used in that fashion. Truth be told I personally favor a mixed system.

  • Public Option, Medicaid for the very poor in need, children, disabled.
  • Public-Private Option for those better off but not able to acquire coverage Privately or through an Employer. (Single Payer)
  • Private Option, for those with Employer Sponsored or able to acquire it.
  • Medicare for Retirees.

I favor that system because to be honest the Nations have have Single Payer do have issues. The Nations that have both types in place have very good Coverage, which is affordable for all without the issues of either just single payer or private options. The odds of that occurring though are exceedingly slim. Democrats want to reduce and/or eliminate the Private Options, and Republicans want to reduce and/or eliminate the Public Options. Neither side seems to understand that a merger would provide a better, cost effective outcome that would benefit all, and would use the strengths of both while eliminating the weakness’s inherent in one system by itself, or the hodgepodge system we had and continue to have. *shrugs* It is what it is.

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